*CLOSEOUT* KD Platinum Graphite (Teal/Black)- Blank with Fin

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  • Terry Winter design
  • Torsional Flex Zone Tip Pattern 
  • Four Stage Longitudinal Flex Line
  • PVC Ultra Light Weight Core  
  • Turned Down Tip & Tail Sidewalls
  • 100% Carbon Graphite Lay Up
  • Tip Lifting Rail
  • Tournament Fin System
  • Made in USA

    Terry Winter Product Review

    To start this ski looks and performs like no other ski I have ever ridden. The Graphite mat finish not only looks great it gives durability and Performance. Starting with some new features of this unique ski, we have chamfered side tail design to allow the ski to sit deeper in the water during the turn. Squared off rear tail allowing a nice clean flow for the water and minimise tail drag. Side wall thickness is an area that we worked with to generate speed and directional stability. The side wall has varying thickness or widths from tip to tail. We start with the thin tail design as we said to allow the ski to sit deeper in the water during the turn, this progressively increases in thickness as we move up to the binding area. The wider or thicker side wall under the binding helps increase the speed of the ski and increases the skis ability to produce angle across the wakes. We carry the thicker side wall up to the forebody of the ski and start to reduce the thickness as we go into the tip rise. Concave and rocker design have been cleverly matching the side wall design. Again, starting at the tail, we have rounded bevels allowing to have a looser tail moving to the mid-section we increase the concave depth and edge bevels. These features carry through under the binding area generating a large forgiving sweet spot that produces a very reliable consistent ski under vary circumstances. Moving into the forebody the bevels soften and shallowing of the concave, this adding stability to the ski during pre-turn and throughout the turn. The KD Platinum has a rocker that blends all the designs of the side walls, bevels and concave designs together. The rocker line enhances the skis strong turning characteristics and ability to generate angle from the buoy to the wake. The flat spot under the bindings solidifies the skis sweet spot and forgiveness. We use the latest technology in PVC core material and carbon composite layup. The PVC lightweight core with the Carbon layup not only makes the ski light but super-fast. The design ability allows the ski to flex during the turn and rebound out of the turn to generate speed across course. This carries further with its ability to carry width and speed from the wakes to the buoy like no other ski I have ever ridden. The unique top deck design features a spine and incorporates torque and dampening effect. The spine feature has functionality that blends with the design features of this ski.


    In summary I believe this is the best ski I have ever been involved with and will certainly help take your skiing to the next level, I suggest you get on one and try it for yourself.