Livewire Kneeboards with 3” Single strap with insert for aqua hook

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•Inserted Tip for Additional Tow Hook
•Single Locking Knee Strap
•Moulded Kneepad
•Full Length Base Channels
•Symmetrical Tip & Tail

The KD Livewire kneeboard is the pick of boards and the first of its kind to feature a handle hook. This board incorporates most of the features of the top end line products at the entry level price point. Like other fibreglass decks, the Livewire features a durable PBT top and base for superior resistance to impacts and abrasion so it’s ideal for those chasing a bomb board to get started and out on the water.
The secret to the KD Livewires success is the full-length channels running underneath, this removes the common problem of fibreglass kneeboards being to slippery and wide profile gives the board added stability, yet still has that fine edge for railing hard cuts at the wake or drowning mates in a wall of water. Don’t put up with the packed-out foam on your old board, the KD Livewire has a deep knee hugging pad that isn’t flat but moulded so you don’t crush your ankles while trying to nail wake to wake jumps. The only downside to the KD Livewire is that after you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to use another board again.