*CLOSEOUT* Platinum Graphite (Red/Black) - Blank

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Key Features

  • Torsional Flex Zone Tip Pattern 

  • Four Stage Longitudinal Flex Line

  • PU Ultra Light Weight Core  

  • Turned Down Tip & Tail Sidewalls

  • 100% Carbon Graphite Lay Up

  • Tip Lifting Rail

  • Viper Fin System

  • Made in USA

New 2019 PLATINUM GRAPHITE, Competition-bred and ready to perform. This ski has new designed bevels and concave producing lightning fast edge changes, unbelievable edge hold and angle through the wakes.

​Carbon Graphite layup and tournament fin system, makes for a hard turning, fast accelerating slalom machine. Our new bevels and rocker line working to give the new Platinum graphite the biggest sweet spot of any ski in our range. A Korad base and Graphite TPU top have the Platinum looking as hot as it rides.

Featuring a machined lightweight core, carbon layup and Korad base. The new design allows the ski to cast out and carry speed through the turns while being stable and reliable. The wishbone tip design allows torsion through the tip during the turn, and the step in the concave gives rise to the ski if too much ski is in the water. The bevelled tail area allows the tail to sit deeper in the turn while also maintaining speed.